Meet. Mr. Jim & Dr. Tim

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Mr. Jim
Author & Illustrator

The first thing you will probably notice about Mr. Jim is the fact that he’s tall - 6’8” to be exact. Besides being very good at seeing over crowds and reaching things other people can not, Mr. Jim lives in Chicago with his wife Jessica and their three children: Tessa, Charlotte, and Joey. 

As the Director of Business Development for general dental, dental implant, and sleep apnea practices, Mr. Jim creates everything from graphics and advertisements to community outreach events. It was during this work that he began to collaborate with his friend Dr. Tim Stirneman on the Mya Papaya book series. Together, they also co-founded two nationally recognized holidays: National Smile Day on May 31st and National Dental Care month, also in May.

When he’s not working to help people get the dental care they need, Mr. Jim is the singer of the popular Chicago-based band Modern Day Romeos. He has been performing at least 2-5 times a week for over 17 years. In fact, his love of entertaining was one of the reasons he started writing children’s books.  

In his work as a children’s author, Mr. Jim has sought to inspire children of all ages to try new things, make new friends, and smile just a little bit brighter.

Dr. Tim

Helping others to smile has always been a passion for Dr. Tim. In fact, he became a dentist because he wanted to create the most positive dental experience possible for everyone, including kids. 

Believing in the power of laughter and education in dentistry, Dr. Tim wrote a play called “The Wizard of Teeth” based on his favorite movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. Every year, Dr. Tim and his friends travel to elementary schools to perform this play to thousands of kids, teaching students about the benefits of seeing a dentist regularly and having a great time. It was from these experiences that the idea for Mya Papaya was sparked.

Nowadays, Dr. Tim teaches adults and children alike about their teeth at his own practice, Compassionate Dental Care. He even has a space just for kids, with big TV’s playing plenty of cartoons and video games to make sure their trip to the dentist is awesome.

Dr. Tim is a big Chicago sports fan and has the season tickets to prove it. Particularly loving the Chicago Cubs, he has been a season ticket holder at Wrigley Field for 15 years. He also celebrates his fandom with an extensive bobblehead collection of athletes and celebrities. He even has one of himself!  

Whether it’s as a dentist, a writer, or an actor, Dr. Tim loves to help kids smile every single day.



Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth is a great addition to your classroom, library or dental office and a fun gift for your children, grandchildren and adults alike! Join Mya and her friends as they navigate through their newest adventure – Mya's first trip to the dentist!