We'd love to visit your school!

Mr. Jim & Dr. Tim have already visited thousands of children and would love to visit your school in person or via Skype to meet your students!

An author visit is an incredible opportunity to not only connect young readers with the author, but receive an educational and motivational story about how the characters are developed, how to write a story, how to put it all together and how to turn it into an actual book that people can buy. They have created an entertaining and interactive slide show presentation/performance to help visualize the process and the experience that we have had, all the way from sitting in their office talking about taking a chance on writing a children's book to the first time seeing it as an Amazon Best Seller!

Because this book focuses on going to the dentist, and Dr. Tim is a dentist, they have a fully interactive discussion about the students' teeth, the best way to take care of them, and why going to the dentist can be fun! A goodie bag for each student is also included with a brushing and flossing chart and a lot of other goodies to help students get excited about oral health.

Full-Day Visits

This includes one 30 minute presentation per grade level or 2-3 general assembly presentations with multiple grade levels. We use a Keynote presentation. We have a giant screen and projector that we bring, and set up, if your school or classroom does not have one. 


Half-Day Visits

This includes two general assembly presentations for classroom visits.
Mr. Jim and Dr. Tim can customize for many times/formats/length of presentations/specific topics and more. If you have different needs, they should be able to accommodate, in most cases.


Skype Visits

Mr. Jim and Dr. Tim also offer Skype visits! Skype visits are usually about 20 minutes.

Mr. Jim and Dr. Tim also offer Skype visits! Skype visits are usually about 20 minutes. In place of a fee, they ask that you buy at least 10 copies of their book. Keeping some for your library or classroom as well as giving some to a neighboring school is encouraged. During these visits, the students will get a live reading of their book, talk about the book or being an author, and then answer the questions that your class has prepared. Books will also be available for your students to purchase or personalize.


Ideas for funding a Mr. Jim & Dr. Tim author visit

1. Apply for an Amber Brown Grant.
    From November 1st through April 15th for a chance to win a free author visit and $500.

2. Share costs with other schools, libraries, or daycares in your district/area.
    Schedule multiple events on the same day for discounted daily rates.

3. Raise funds through book sales.
    Schools may get a discounted rate when ordering a large number of books.

4. Ask the Parent/Teacher Association or other special interest club funds for assistance.

5. Apply for a community or educational grant from local organizations. (Rotary, Lions, etc.)


Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth is a great addition to your classroom, library or dental office and a fun gift for your children, grandchildren and adults alike! Join Mya and her friends as they navigate through their newest adventure – Mya's first trip to the dentist!