Proud to be 'Teacher's Pet!'

Teachers are so important to us.

Mr. Jim was a substitute teacher for special education students and both Mr. Jim & Dr. Tim are friends with many teachers. The importance and appreciation that we have for teachers will not fit on this page, but as we try and educate children in every book that we write, teachers are an extremely valuable resource for us to communicate our messages through.

The more fun you make learning, the more kids enjoy learning. The more they learn, the more they are open to learning more. To have the support and endorsement of teachers excites us and inspires us to keep educating, and to help give teachers more content and more tools to keep learning fun! Below are some lesson plans that go along with Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth that we hope teachers, and their students enjoy!

We want to make Mya Papaya and her friends as enjoyable for your class and as easy for you to teach as possible. Below, we have included lesson plans that you can download in both full color and ink saver formats, and also, a tooth brushing chart to motivate your kids to keep up on their oral health.


Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth is a great addition to your classroom, library or dental office and a fun gift for your children, grandchildren and adults alike! Join Mya and her friends as they navigate through their newest adventure – Mya's first trip to the dentist!